The History of Jelly Babies.

"Jelly Babies" are known, at least since advertisements by Riches Confectionery Company of 22 Duke Street, London Bridge in 1885, along with a variety of other baby sweets, including "Tiny Totties" and "Sloper’s Babies".[2] But the pricing of these, at one farthing each, suggests that they were very much larger than the modern Jelly Baby.[3]
The sweets were invented in 1864 by an Austrian immigrant working at Fryers of Lancashire, and were originally marketed as "Unclaimed Babies."[1][4] By 1918 they were produced by Bassett's in Sheffield as "Peace Babies," to mark the end of World War I.[1] Bassett's themselves have supported the "Peace Babies" name.[5] Production was suspended during World War II due to wartime shortages.
The product was relaunched as "Jelly Babies" in 1953.[1]
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