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About Penarth Sweet Shop

We have a variety of homemade luxury chocolates for sale for example, novelty chocolates like pigs, hedgehogs, elephants, tigers, lions and rabbits which can be purchased separately or in groups. Other tempting chocolates are rose hearts, violet fondant creams, nutty barrel, passion cream and strawberry ganache. We offer a gift wrap service personalised to your needs.   



Our luxury chocolate is supplied by House of Sarunds, which specialises in bringing high quality chocolate from the continent and from within the UK to those who have exquisite taste and an eye for presentation. House of Sarunds are a green, ethical company who shun genetically modified ingredients and only supply the best products. 
They are one of the largest Fair Trade chocolate suppliers in the UK, and only seek ingredients from Fair Trade accredited companies, so you should be rest assured that our range of luxury chocolates are ethically sourced


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